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19 October 2017


The Eat, Prey, Love’s stunning New York house

by Sara Cartelli

Do you notice the fantastic house in the early scenes of Eat, Pray, Love?

The one where is celebrated the party at the beginning and in which Delia (Viola Davis), Elizabeth’s (Julia Roberts) best friend, lives?

It is not a movie set, but an authentic three-story New York house located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Someone says it has been bought by a certain Norah Jones for the bargain price of $ 6 million.

The former Firehouse built in the early 1800’s has been converted to carriage house following a renovation work that has kept many original items such as exposed beams and brick floors.
We can say that this 200-year-old house looks good in spite of its age.

The interiors, large and bright, are characterized by a country style, classic and sophisticated, where wood is the protagonist in all its shades. Hats off to the beautiful archway doors with inglesina, the beautiful green veranda and the wide wrought iron staircase.

This house is a real eye-catching for traditional furnishings lovers.
You just have to admire it in all its splendor!

Immagini via: 6sqft.com


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