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11 October 2017


The kitchen: the favorite room, the happy place

by Sara Cartelli

Just today I was thinking about the place of the house that makes me happy. No doubt, in my humble opinion, the kitchen is the winner hands-down.

The kitchen’s my favourite room ever since I was a child.

As far as I remember, I’ve always studied in the kitchen and now, that I’m older, I work there. Not for necessity, because my house has a small studio, but because I’m too happy there. Why should I move? In the kitchen I have got water, coffee, herbal teas, a window from where I can see the mountains, a terrace where I take a breath of air: in short, I miss nothing.

The kitchen is the room of the rooms, even more than the living room (I almost never sit on the couch), more than the studio, more than the bedroom. That’s why I decided today to show you some spectacular kitchens of some spectacular homes. Because they can be inspirational to those who are changing their home or are meditating on changing their furnishings or can make we all dream on the kitchen for which we should be, as my mother would say, fine for at least 10 years.

So now, look at these magnificent images with hearts in the eyes, copy some details, mix things that you like and make your kitchen your happy place.


o1. Modern and lively

via: dailydreamdecor.com


o2. Classic with personality

cucina la stanza preferitavia: lovegrowswild.com


o3. Minimal

cucina la stanza preferita
via: curateanddisplay.co.uk


o4. Laquered and modern

cucina la stanza preferitavia:  life1nmotion.com


o5. Total white

cucina la stanza preferitavia: viennawedekind.com


o6. Feminine and unconventional

cucina la stanza preferita
via: dailydreamdecor.com


o7. Industrial and vintage

cucina la stanza preferita
via: myscandinavianhome.com


o8. With a touch of blue

cucina la stanza preferita
via: www.myscandinavianhome.com
immagine di copertina via poposugar.com


Which of these kitchens represents you the most?



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