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3 May 2018


The poetry of a holiday apartment in Barcelona

by Sara Cartelli

Poetry, in my opinion, is something that has to do with emotions. The sunset is poetic, the sea in winter, a curious eye, the search for beauty, nature is poetic, and what we commonly call “home” is just as poetic.

Home is the place where we are born, where we live or where we spend the holidays for a few days. It is the safe harbor to land, it is the poetry of everyday life.

The apartment that I present you today could become your home for a few days if you’re in Barcelona. This beautiful residence is one of the many accommodation available on Air Bnb, but stands out clearly on the others for charm and personality.

Just as poetry condenses multiple meanings in a few words, this apartment contains art, design, vintage, color and culture in just a few square meters.

To copy:

  • The green, yellow, blue combination used for the living area and the relaxing white of the sleeping area.
  • Hanging lamps arranged almost anywhere (to illuminate the entrance, the kitchen or the nightstands in the bedroom).
  • The industrial carriage turned into a bathroom cabinet.
  • The pictures placed above the kitchen (if you cook very little is a great idea otherwise a bit less, but basically if you have a good hood you do not have to fear anything).

I am madly in love with this apartment, there is nothing I would change. And you?

appartamento Barcellona

All images via planete-deco.fr


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