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16 January 2020

eat, travel, laugh

The inspiration that comes from the mountains: G. Di Brazzà Alpine Refuge

by The Rolling Forks

Inspiration can lead you to a “place of the heart”. That place where you go to find an energy source. Hot energy, lively energy, unbridled energy.

Well, that magical name for us is G. Di Brazzà Alpine Refuge. Yes, an alpine refuge; it is very easy to get there, even for the laziest ones as the refuge can also be reached by car (from Chiusaforte, in Friuli, there is a car park below about 30 minutes of easy walk).

The setting where the refuge is located is breathtaking; it is in the Montasio plains in Friuli, surrounded by unmatched peaks such as Monte Canin and Jof di Montasio and scattered with characteristic mountain huts in lush green expanses in summer and snowy in winter, depending on the season.

If it is true that inspiration corresponds to idea, lighting, impulse, advice … well, there you can find all this. The perfect recipe to be completely in tune with yourself and with nature is to stop and sleep here, which is possible on the upper floor of the refuge in dormitory accommodation.

But it is assured that even coming just to eat will instill joy and positivity; you will feel really prepared for inspiration!

Needless to say, the products at the refuge are 100% natural and zero km, right ?! The cheeses come from the underlying huts, the vegetables from the adjacent garden, the meat is fresh and from local animals and pastures, the salami and cold cuts are excellent and without preservatives.

The main course? Obviously, the real Friulian frico, perhaps accompanied by a nice slice of freshly home made polenta and a nice piece of sausage.

Last but not least: the minestrone is delicious as well as their orzotto (typical dish similar to risotto but prepared with pearl barley).

In short, the cuisine is traditional, local but well-assorted and at the same time the dedication in the absolute search for healthy dishes is noted.

So, loudly we say that here, suspended between wonder and excitement, it is necessary to come to breathe the authentic taste of happiness and light-heartedness that sometimes we lose in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Photos: Rifugio Alpino G. Di Brazzà


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