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21 November 2019

eat, travel, laugh

Happiness in a bite: Taglio restaurant in Milan

by The Rolling Forks

#Myhappynews: I found my favorite brunch in Milan! Da Taglio.

Not that type of most common brunch buffet with a mixture of ingredients most of the times badly prepared. We are talking about an essential brunch, leading to satiety with delicacy of flavors on the palate.

The restaurant is a modern and contemporary bar-emporium, where you enter and find the salami counter right in front of you. The decor powerfully evokes northern Europe, with its minimal shelves, red bricks and an open kitchen.

On Sunday the brunch menu is very special. The eggs are libidinous, especially the Benedict eggs, with a mouth-watering hollandaise sauce on them. The best ever tasted.

Brunch can also be a dish chosen from the à la carte menu, ranging from delicious first courses to second courses: Milanese risotto, bean and chicory puree, meat tartare, etc. You can then choose cold cuts and cheeses directly from the counter.

In short, the choice is very wide and also the wine list well stocked and exhaustive. We tasted a Sangiovese that, to say the least, was divine.

Note: Taglio is a good place where to hang out at all hours. From breakfast, to meals, to evening drinks there is a lovely moody atmosphere that makes you feeling at home.

Taglio means conviviality, tradition and enjoyment: impossible to get bored of visiting it!

In short, Taglio is happiness in a bite and if it is true that the most beautiful hours are always linked to memories that revolve around a table, well, we cannot deny that it is in our top 5 of recent happy news!

brunch al ristorante Taglio a Milano

Ristorante Taglio Milano

Uova alla Benedict da Taglio a Milano

Images via Fb Taglio


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