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A cena da Moeders ad Amsterdam

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27 February 2020

eat, travel, laugh

Moeders restaurant Amsterdam: where all mothers are heroes

by The Rolling Forks

In this month of love we’d like to talk you about an authentic and beautiful place in Amsterdam: Moeders.
The restaurant is dedicated to mothers around the world, and the walls bear witness to that love with photos of mothers of all ages hanging everywhere. It is also possible to bring a photo of one’s mom and ask for it to be displayed. In short, a real tribute to the most unique woman in the world, where the slogan is “In our restaurant Moeders (Mothers) all mothers are heroes.

Moeders is very famous in Amsterdam and booking is mandatory. The best thing is that here you only eat typical traditional food.
For more than 30 years, only local specialties have been served here and are prepared with an exemplary care.
We have tried the typical pea soup served with bacon and sausage, the ingredients are so well mixed that the soup has an unique flavor, where none of the ingredients predominates over the other. Awesome!
We continued with one of Moeders’ “workhorse” dishes, the “stamppot“, a sort of soft potato pie accompanied by vegetables, meatballs and sausage. To share, we also recommend the excellent ribs that come from the local butcher.
We are not talking about properly light and dietetic food but it is worth it! Even vegetarian customers will not be disappointed.

The drink list is worthy of accompanying a menu of this type, with craft beers from nearby breweries. The choice is vast and it is impossible to make a mistake! The search for authenticity is key to the owner’s philosophy and it emerges also from the list of beers.

If you are looking for something typical Dutch book here! You will be on the safe side and you will not regret it.
For us, it is already one of the places in our heart, which has a lot of space.
SPREAD THE LOVE – this is the tireless message, the most important!

Moeders Restaurant Amsterdam

Moeders Amsterdam

Moeders ristorante ad Amsterdam

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